RS246 at the Silverstone Audi Driving Experience

We just got some pictures through from Audi UK.  Credit to Scott Dennis Photography

The UK Forums representatives.

ADE - RS246 - Scott Dennis Photography - 000

The moment when Bam_Bam explained why the lovely lady at registration who said that she worked at Silverstone and Goodwood and why he has suggested that she seemed like a Good Wood lady.  Brilliant!!

"Good Wood"
“Good Wood”

Some track action.

The award ceremony (Never looked right in a cap!!)

ADE - RS246 - Scott Dennis Photography - 013

RS246 takes first place at the UK forum Audi Driving Experience at Silverstone

Here is our lucky winner of the RS246 Audi Driving Experience phone competition.  Audi asked us to bring along a forum member who would represent their view of the site and what Audi could do for us.  We decided that instead of running a competition, we’d choose someone with no issues holding back on what he thinks….  The one and only Bam_Bam!!

ADE 2013 001 - Lucky Winner

This event was the usual Audi Driving Experience which is highly recommended to anyone who would love to try out a selection of Audi cars closer to the limit than they would usually be prepared to go to in uncontrolled conditions.  Can’t say enough good things about the Audi Driving Experience event, organisation and staff; the perfect day for any car enthusiast!

The toys for the day were the TT RS plus (Fastest car in the world), RS5 and R8 v10 plus.  Morning events included R8 high speed braking and lane change, RS5 cornering on track and a timed slalom in the TT RS.  A spot of lunch and some discussions about how the forums and Audi UK can work together better and then on to the afternoon events; RS5 fast lane change (ESP test) and on track in the TTRS and R8.

The day closed with a thanks to all and an instructors hat presented to the winner of each slalom event.  RS246 took overall first place for the slalom and Bam_Bam’s time in overall second.