Audi RS6 DTM by Jon Olsson

In December we got a glimpse of the extreme styling that Jon Olsson was playing with for his RS6.  Well it seems like it’s finished, well at least enough for a photo shoot.  We’ve pulled together a gallery of pictures that include some of the build pics to tell a story in pictures of how far a man and his friends are willing to go to do something different but usable.  Enjoy!!

Quick facts:
– Co-designed by Leif Tufvesson at Caresto (former cheif engineer at Koenigsegg).
– 100 meters of 4X4 carbon fiber from the same factory that delivers the carbon to Pagani.
– Stertman Motorsport STM Stage 3+ kit (estimated 950hp on pump gas / 1000hp on race gas) including 18 karat gold anodized TTE9XX turbo chargers from The Turbo Engineers.
– Black Titan suspension from Intrax
– Movit brakes
– Exhaust from Milltek Sport
– 56Nord roof box