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Time Attack – Round 1 Cadwell Park – Team Milltek GT-R

A wet start to the season and the day, but things dried up and Team Milltek GT-R reclaimed a few positions on the leader board albeit some fluid issues both inside and outside the cockpit of the SVM 850-TSR. Team Milltek GT-R overcame all the odds and put in a great lap time of circa 1:38 which resulted in a 4th place, unfortunately not on the podium this time.

As you can imagine the GT-R attracted quite a bit of attention. Surprisingly, we managed to get a picture without a crowd!!

Look at the focus of this man, and this was when he was reversing!!!

“The Mountain”

We were wondering why nobody had sponsored the spokes on the wheels…

But seriously, this team is built from the same passion and enthusiasm that burns within all of us (It’s just some people take it to the extreme!!)

Of course this is an Audi site and the only Audi of the day was this S2 from Holland.

It’s a shame it wasn’t the fastest car today and also a shame the driver didn’t see the blue flag or the green GT-R, on a hot lap, in his rear view mirror.

A superb day and fabulous Team. Thank you Milltek Sport 🙂