10 Years Old Today!!!

In hindsight, we chose a terrible month to launch RS246 but here we are 10 years later….  To quote one of the founding members, “Built it – they will come!” and you did!  10 years on and we have an amazing enthusiast community.

RS246 @ Brands Hatch

Last year we celebrated 50 million hits and well on the way to see another million on top of that for this year.  In the last 12 months, RS246.com has had around 7 million page views during 1 million visits from around 250,000 unique visitors.

RS246 @ The Old Lodge

The forum, with over 560,000 posts, is where most of the “action” takes place.  RS246 is renowned as the premier source of information from real Audi R, S and RS owners.

Wishing everyone the very best for 2013!!

Audi’s Egg?

The render looks like a Koenigsegg.  Right, that’s out of the way.  So what’s the scoop?

Audi plans to equip the R20 with the trademark full-length tailfin of an R18 LeMans racer. Other design features are said to include a downsized, singleframe grille; stacked LED headlights; ventilated front and rear wings; an adjustable tail spoiler (which may double as an air brake); and a relatively narrow canopy-style cockpit accessed through gullwing doors. An important engineering element is the active aerodynamics system, which can distribute the downforce between the front and rear axles for optimum stability in the critical 100-200 mph range.

The interior of the R20 is as extreme and purposeful as the exterior. Expect a dynamic mode selector, a multi-functional black panel center display instead of conventional instruments, active-contour seats with integrated four-point belts, a multi-segment high-intensity windshield wiper and a camera-based surround-view package that renders door mirrors superfluous.

Insiders expect Audi to opt for the diesel-hybrid powertrain, with the proven twin-turbo V-6. The power output of the road car engine should be in the area of 550 hp. Add to this the lightweight body and the two 75 hp motors than drive the front wheels (Audi’s e-quattro), and it’s easy to picture a compelling power-to-weight ratio as well as excellent performance figures. The e-quattro layout not only yields an extra 150 hp, it also adds torque vectoring, some zero-emissions capability, ultimate traction, an on-demand boost effect, and a beefed up torque curve. Furthermore, the hybrid technology makes provisions for staggered brake energy recuperation, high-speed coasting, and a broader start-stop application. At this point, there are no acceleration, top speed, or consumption figures available.

With Audi on target to reach its goal and sell 1.5 million vehicles by 2015, the R20 will likely be unveiled at the Pebble Beach event that year to celebrate the achievement. Production would commence in the spring of 2016. The output will be restricted, but it is at this point not clear to how many. It may be as few as 100 to 250 units.

Now for the pictures, sorry renders….

2017-audi-r20-front 2017-audi-r20-rear 2017-audi-r20-side

Audi RS7 Breaking Cover

Pictures are starting to appear of what seems to be the all new Audi RS7.  The pictures below are actually the same car but on different plates (Due to plate expiry).

We have added some pictures of the current S7 so you can compare the differences and the authenticity of this alleged test mule.

RS246_AudiRS7_01 RS246 AudiRS7 RS246_AudiRS7_03 RS246_AudiRS7_05