Why is recognised as “The World’s #1 Audi R, S and RS Enthusiast Website”.  It has grown from strength to strength since 2002.  RS246 Limited offers unprecedented direct access to a dedicated community of enthusiast Audi owners.  There is no “middleman” and we pride ourselves on only working with selected companies that add value to the site and its members.

We have a very active community reflected by:
RS246 Forum – Tens of thousands of users and hundreds of thousands of posts.  A wealth of information and a hive of activity.
Facebook – Exponentially growing social presence where we actively share topical industry data.
– In addition we have expanded our social media presence via YouTube, Google+, Instagram and Twitter.

Each of the following packages is available individually or can be combined based on your needs.

Site Sponsor Basic

The best way to build trust with your customer base is to be part of the community.  For £15 per month your forum business user account will be easily identified as a being a “Site Sponsor”, allowing you to trade on the site and include business contact information in your signature which is appended to every post you make.  Please contact us for more information.

Site Sponsor Extended

For £30 per month, you will be provided with your own forum section and we will add your business user account(s) to our “Site Sponsor” group which will clearly identify you as a Site Sponsor.  In addition we will link any occurrences of your company name in forum post text to your forum section.  Please contact us for more information.

Banner Advertising’s banner advertising is run alongside Google Ads and provides an opportunity to promote your business without having to be active in the community.  Our rates are below and based on the percentage of page displays of your banner advert(s).  Click here to get started.

Display Percentage Yearly 6 Months Quarterly Monthly
1% £75 £90 £70 £55
5% £175 £140 £95 £65
10% £300 £200 £125 £75
15% £425 £265 £155 £85
20% £550 £325 £190 £95
25% £675 £390 £220 £105
50% £1,300 £700 £375 £160
75% £1,925 £1,015 £530 £210

Forum Sponsored Keywords

With the growing popularity of mobile devices such as Android, iPhone, iPad and Windows Phone; the use of the internet is focused around content.  Hence we offer prime placement using Forum Sponsored Keywords.

Forum Sponsored Keywords are within the forum post text which means it is contextual.  It draws the attention of the reader to the Sponsored Keyword which is hyperlinked to the Site Sponsor’s selected destination.  The user simply clicks the keyword and is taken to the corresponding destination of your choice.

Please contact us for the current rates which are based on the the popularity of the chosen keyword(s).

Get started for free and bulk buy discounts

Should you decide to take out Site Sponsorship, the remainder of the current month will be free!

In addition, we offer the following discounts:

  • 10% discount for 3 month upfront commit and payment
  • 15% discount for 6 month upfront commit and payment
  • 25% discount for 12 month upfront commit and payment

Would you like a combination of packages to connect more effectively with a growing community?

Maybe you would like a combination of the above packages….  Simply click here to email us with your company name, contact name and requirements.