Audi RS6 and RS7 get new rubber “Pirelli Noise Cancelling System”

Pirelli Tyre S.p.A. has developed tires for Audi Group that are designed to reduce noise for occupants of the car using a layer of polyurethane sponge adhered to the inner liner of the tire.


Pirelli claims the innovation—being pitched as “Pirelli Noise Cancelling System”—can reduce noise heard by those inside the car by 2 to 3 decibels, or roughly half.

With this development, Pirelli is addressing noise caused by the vibration produced when air inside the tire is compressed as the tire is squashed against the road. This noise is transmitted from the tire to the wheel hub and eventually reaches the inside of the car’s cabin via the steering and suspension components.

The polyurethane foam sponge is designed to absorb these vibrations, the tire maker said, and thus reduce the amount of noise passed through to the cabin.

Audi is offering tires built with the noise-cancelling system as optional original equipment fitments on its RS6 and RS7, running on 285/30ZR21- and 275/30ZR21-sized tires, respectively. Pirelli did not identify which tire models are being supplied but said they are identified with letters “PNCS” on the sidewalls.


Pirelli did not say how much weight the sponge adds to the tires but did say adding the noise-reducing sponge does not affect other performance characteristics of the tire. Pirelli did not say whether the development affects noise as observed by those outside a vehicle, nor did it comment on any added cost.

The company said introducing this technology answers growing demand in the automotive world for reduced noise levels both on the inside and outside of the car as well as address the latest European regulations to reduce noise pollution.

Goodwood Festival of Speed 2013

RS246 was invited to Goodwood MMS by Audi UK.  What an excellent day!!


Many highlights of the day from many manufacturers, but going “up the hill” in the new Audi RS6 Avant was the icing on the cake.  The car was in its standard form; very capable and very responsive.  By 2pm the driver had the opportunity to built his knowledge of the track, decide that having the gearbox in Sport was the best option and balance the car perfectly.  The new RS6 is certainly worthy of the “uber bahn stormer” RS status again with its excellent performance, handling and ability to seat 4 people comfortably and a boot suitable for high speed tip runs!!

Pictures often speak louder than words, so we have created a gallery for your pleasure 🙂

El diablo RS6 @ 666bhp

No sooner is the RS6 on the road and ABT have claimed the first place for a tuning package with what is not a shabby 666bhp!!!

The package is now officially available for owners that want an extra power boost for Audi’s flagship estate. Power is up from 560hp and torque rises from 700Nm to 830Nm.

The power has been realised through the use of an ABT ECU modification, the installation of a bracket set, cable harness and mounting kit.

ABT also offer a set of carbon fibre side mirrors and ABT valve caps (LOL!!).


Worried about warranty?  Well, ABT also offers one of the best warranty solutions on the market. Customers get a 2 year warranty covered up to 100,000 km from the date of the first registration. The price is €6,909 inclusive of VAT.

Audi UK steps up a gear to embrace the enthusiast communities

Over the last 10 years we have enjoyed some very special times with Audi UK.  Recently, Audi UK are really showing that they care about our communities and have employed people to be our dedicated liaisons.

This shift in communication style means that we have established a bidirectional relationship where we are encouraged to provide feedback and in return we get access to some very special events.

ADE - RS246 - Scott Dennis Photography - 000

Below is a video from our recent day at Silverstone that Audi UK have put together for RS246.

Audi said, “To thank them for their continued support, Audi UK invited members of to take part in an Audi Driving Experience. And from honing their skills with the professionals to taking on the most intricate driving challenges, it was a day to be remembered.

In this video you can watch some of our most popular cars in action on the track and find out more about what to expect on an action-packed Audi Driving Experience at Silverstone.

The Audi Driving Experience can be booked from 3 July-12 October. For more information please click here:

We say, “Thank you Audi and keep the good times coming!!”

Yet another crashed Audi with passengers walking away

Looking at these pictures it’s a miracle no-one was killed. Amazingly a young couple managed to walk away with minor injuries from this accident that took place on the A3 section of the autobahn, in Aschafffenburg, Germany. According to German publication Main-Netz, the 26-year-old driver was pushing the 500-hp Audi R8 a little too hard in the wet. The autobahn has an advisory speed limit of 81 mph, but it’s safe to assume he was well into three figures. After losing control, he slammed into the barrier, spun a 180 and ended up wedged beneath the guardrail.289594 289595 289597 289599