Audi UK steps up a gear to embrace the enthusiast communities

Over the last 10 years we have enjoyed some very special times with Audi UK.  Recently, Audi UK are really showing that they care about our communities and have employed people to be our dedicated liaisons.

This shift in communication style means that we have established a bidirectional relationship where we are encouraged to provide feedback and in return we get access to some very special events.

ADE - RS246 - Scott Dennis Photography - 000

Below is a video from our recent day at Silverstone that Audi UK have put together for RS246.

Audi said, “To thank them for their continued support, Audi UK invited members of to take part in an Audi Driving Experience. And from honing their skills with the professionals to taking on the most intricate driving challenges, it was a day to be remembered.

In this video you can watch some of our most popular cars in action on the track and find out more about what to expect on an action-packed Audi Driving Experience at Silverstone.

The Audi Driving Experience can be booked from 3 July-12 October. For more information please click here:

We say, “Thank you Audi and keep the good times coming!!”