The Audi RS6 – Jon Olsson Style

Jon Olsson is well known for his taste in cars.  His R8 was something else but the RS6 is looking like it’s going to be quite special too 🙂

Tuning will be delivered by Olsson’s favoured tuner, Stertman Motorsport.  Stertman usually use GIAC software but nothing is listed for the C7 RS6 yet.  We should be expecting performance figures along the same lines as ABT and MTM who are in the high 600’s and well into the 700’s.  The exhaust will probably come from our British based Milltek Sport.  Suspension is likely to be courtesy of H&R.  Olsson speaks positively about the standard car but as we all know, this will be something special.  We’ll keep an eye on this one!!

Update 17th Feb.  Sounding good with the RS6 Milltek exhaust: